Welcome to our lab! We do research that spans computer science, robotics, and biology in many different ways. Our members come from many disciplines including applied math, CS, EE, ME and biology. Our lab is committed to having a diverse, creative, interdisciplinary, team-oriented, nurturing and fun environment. 

Outreach and Lab Tours: We are delighted to do lab tours for groups that are focused on broadening participation in robotics and STEM for under-represented groups. If you are interested in tours about engineering at Harvard, Kathryn Hollar's office at SEAS runs some great programs. You can find more by emailing outreach [at] seas.harvard.eduJoining our lab: At the moment we are not taking new graduate students or postdocs. However many of our alumni are faculty and have related (and cool!) research programs. If you are interested in research positions, do check out their labs as well (e.g. Profs. Kirstin Petersen (Cornell), Mike Rubenstein (Northwestern), Nils Napp (SUNY)). How to get to our Lab: Address: 33 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. Our main group space and lab is in the Maxwell Dworkin Building on the 2nd floor (MD 238 and MD236). (google map)

Lab Members

Radhika Nagpal

Radhika Nagpal
Fred Kavli Professor of Computer Science
Core Faculty, Wyss Institute 
Office: MD 235
Assistant: Joanne Bourgeois
(Pierce 318, jbourge@seas harvard edu)

Melinda MalleyMelvin GauciJeff DusekFlorian BerlingerDaniel CaloviNicole CareyJulia EbertBen Green


Justin WerfelHelen McCreeryRaphael CherneyMike Rubenstein

  • Dr. Justin Werfel, Senior Research Scientist, Wyss Institute [Co-leads several projects]
  • Helen McCreery, PhD Student, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder [Social Insects]
  • Ziv Dubrowsky, Raphael Cherney, and others at the ROOT startup.
  • Mike Rubenstein, Faculty, Northwestern University [Robotics]
  • Rob Wood, Harvard MicroRobotics Lab and other Harvard Robotics faculty [Robotics]
  • Nancy Lynch (MIT) and Anna Dornhaus (University of Arizona) [Theory]
  • Simon Garnier (NJIT) and Mike Breed (Univ of Colorado) [Social Insects]
  • Scott Turner (SUNY Syracuse) and his macrotermes team [Social Insects].


Our lab has progeny! Our alumni include 11 faculty (Cornell, Northwestern, Stanford, Bristol UK, etc ), two startups (Appier, Codewithroot), and several engineers (Google/Apple). 

Kirstin PetersenMike RubensteinMonica OrtizAlex CornejoNils NappRichard MooreKarthik DantuSpring BermanSabine HauertLeia StirlingYonglae ParkBorrong ChenTyler GibsonNick HoffChihhan YuAnkit PatelDaniel YaminsJustin Werfel

  • Kirstin Petersen, PhD 2014, Faculty @ Cornell
  • Mike Rubenstein , Postdoc 2011-15, Faculty @ Northwestern
  • Monica Ortiz, Postdoc 2013-15, STEM Faculty @ Greenwich Academy
  • Alex Cornejo, Postdoc 2012-14, Engineer, Google
  • Nils Napp, Postdoc 2012-14, Faculty @ SUNY Buffalo
  • Richard Moore, Postdoc 2012-14, Engineer, SINTEF (Norway)
  • Karthik Dantu, Postdoc 2011-13, Faculty @ SUNY BUffalo
  • Spring Berman, Postdoc 2011-12, Faculty @ Arizona State Univ.
  • Sabine Hauert, Affiliate, Faculty @ Univ. of Bristol, UK
  • Leia Stirling, Affiliate, Faculty @ MIT
  • Yong-lae Park, Wyss Fellow 2010-13, Faculty @ CMU
  • Bor-rong Chen, Postdoc 2009-11, Engineer, Apple
  • Tyler Gibson, PhD 2011, CalTech
  • Nick Hoff, PhD 2011, Researcher, BBN
  • Chih-han Yu, PhD 2010, Founder CEO, Appier
  • Ankit Patel, PhD 2008, Faculty @ Baylor College
  • Daniel Yamins, PhD 2008, Faculty @ Stanford
  • Justin Werfel, PhD 2006, Senior Research Scientist, Wyss Institute

Masters Students:

  • Luca Brusatin (EPFL 2015, Kilobot Dispersion Algorithms)
  • Lucian Cucu (EPFL 2014, Self-Assembling Robots)
  • Raphael Cherney (EPFL 2012, Optic Flow Aerial Vehicles)
  • Adrian Cabrera (EPFL 2011, Collective Transport)
  • Jona Raphael (BU 2011, Wearable Hand Orthotic)
  • Julius Degesys (2008, Self-organizing Networks)
  • FX Williems (2007, Self-adapting Modular Robots)
  • Jimming and Winston Cheng (2005, Shapebugs Algorithm)

Undergraduates:  Annaleah Ernst (2016-17), Serena Booth (2015-16), Elizabeth Esterly (UNM, 2016), Suproteem Sarkar (2016), Lilly Percival (Bunker Hill, 2016), Marley Asford (2016), Sara Lewis (2016), David Becerra (2015), Dylan Altschuler (Princeton, 2015), Devin Carroll (2014), Max Kanwal (2014), Jao-ke Chin-Lee (2012), Rapheal Cherney (Olin, 2012), Jessica Wu, Olive Rappoli (WPI), Neena Kamath, Peter Bailis, Fiona Wood, KyuBok Lee, Susan Zheng (CMU), Noah Olsman (USC), Rebecca Belisle (Olin College),Sid Chandrasekhran, Svilen Kanev, David Robinson, Kristina Haller (MIT), Andrei Munteanu, Crystal Schuil, Matthew Valente

Other Group Members: Christian Ahler (Research Staff, 2012), Ernesto Martinez-Villalpando (co-advised postdoc), Chandana Paul (postdoc), Mirko Bordignon (Visitor, Univ of Southern Denmark), Ian Rose (grad student), Joe Barillari (grad student).